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Frequently Asked Questions
To receive support, you can either create a ticket by clicking the "contact" link above or you can reach out to the Help Desk located at t.me/trueearthhelp We will respond promptly to assist you with whatever question you have..
After purchasing your ticket you will see a link on screen and delivered via email. For exact instructions, see the "instructions" tab above.
As a VIP ticket holder, you will have access to the Zoom link for the summit through the TrueEarther.com platform. After using your coupon code to purchase your VIP package, navigate to the "Extras" tab to find the Zoom link for the summit. This link will be posted the day before the event for your convenience.
The virtual gift bag, along with the summit videos and audio files, can be found on the TrueEarther.com platform after using your coupon code to purchase your package. Navigate to the "Videos," "Audio," and "Extras" tabs to access all summit content and resources.
When making a purchase, you will have the option to specify who you would like to support with your ticket sale. The person you choose will receive half of the proceeds (excluding fees and platform costs). The True Earth Equinox Summit was created to bring people together and to compensate the hardworking speakers with a speaker fee for their participation.
We are not using coupon codes this summit. At purchase you'll see a mandatory drop down to select who you want to credit with your purchase.